Thursday, November 5, 2009

Such Beauties!

So here is a tasting of some of the final edited pics we got back from our photographer today. We think they are just so lovely!!! These will be featured on the home page of our new website which is launching Jan. 1st! The girls worked so hard in the freezing cold to get these shots for us and I have to say they did an awesome job! We are looking forward to having great editorial pictures twice a year from here on out. Enjoy!!!

Black faceted button ring ($75.00)

White Mother-of-Pearl fan earrings ($65.00), Gold-filled Letter tag necklace ($60.00) and mini gold-filled letter tags ($22.50 each).

Raw Chrysoprase Necklace ($118.00), Gold Chloe Earrings ($120.00)

Gold-filled Mermaid Necklace ($125.00), Gold-filled mini dot necklace ($45.00), Pastel Stackable Rings ($47.50 each), Large Gold Hoop Earrings ($62.50)

Gold Sasha Earrings ($120.00), Shelby Ring ($110.00)

Long Gold Ruby Moonstone Necklace ($150.00) Gold Zoe Bangles ($137.50 set of 5)